Sunday, 21 September 2014

Oh My Soul Is On The Run, Overland ... I Am Flying

I absolutely love long, empty, beautiful roads and here are a few we traveled along whilst in Namibia in July this year. They remind me of the song from the old motion picture, "Caravans." The one by Barbara Dickson that goes something along the lines of, "Caravan, oh my soul is on the run overland, I am flying ...."   Caravan Song

Thursday, 18 September 2014


I recently looked through my book, Sacred Circles, the other day and came upon this definition of Spirituality which really resonates with me.  

It says, "Spirit comes from the Latin spirare to breathe.  In essence, our spirit is what animates and quickens us, what makes us alive.  Spirituality, then, in our view, is the practice of staying consciously connected with what makes us alive, with our own selves, with one another, and with the Great Other."  

I also resonate with their thinking that "such 'definitions' are never to be settled on for long," because that is what it has been for me, a continuously evolving understanding of Divinity as I grow more and more into myself.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


I am feeling brave and posting a little piece of writing I recently did.  The assignment was to write a short piece about a vivid/important/intense physical experience.  This is the first thing that came to mind for me.

My lungs are burning. My throat is burning. My muscles are burning. I am racing. 

Every second breath, I lift my head out of the water and I hear the people on the grandstands.  It is a loud cacophony of shouting voices and then my head slips under again and the sound of the crowds is dulled. I hear the sound of movement, the sound of my body powering through the water.  Then my head lifts again and I hear the mixed sounds of shouting and of my rasping, gasping for air.  So it goes in a rhythm to my butterfly movement; shouting sound, body-moving sound, shouting sound, body moving sound.

I reach the end of the third length and my muscles are starting to tire, but my mind is in control, calculating the distance, egging my body on and encouraging it passionately yet gently.  It too is racing with so much whirling through it.  It is aware of everything; my burning throat loudly gasping for breath, my muscles on fire, the pace of my movement, the clear instructions from my coach every step of the way, the splash from my competitors and how far away they are, the strength of my kick, the power of my arms as I fling them forwards gracefully, the pull of my arms under my body propelling me forward, and my pulsating heart.  It has it all under control, working with it all, calculating it all, embracing it all, finding a place for it all and holding it all.  It won’t let up.  It knows it will get there, it knows it wants to win and it will, it knows the time it wants to finish in and it knows just how to finish with power.  It is like an animal with a killer instinct that has taken over the body.

My hands come smashing into the wall.  It’s done.  I look to both sides of me and see the girl in the lane next to me touch.  I have won.  I do not know my time yet because my eyes cannot read the time on the electronic board, so I ask the time keeper.  The girl next to me, my long time rival, congratulates me.  I can sense she is not pleased, that she is not genuine and that she has resigned to her place in this race.  She has power over me out of the water; with her words, with her looks, with her mocking, with her friends.  But here, now, in the water, it is my turf and my strong, powerful body and the killer instinct of my mind that is stronger.  And for now, for just this moment, I am okay.  I am strong.  I am more-than.  I am big.  

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Finely Tuned 

Today I drew a one of my magical bird cards (by Jane Toerien and Joyce van Dobben) while preparing for my section of our upcoming retreat in October.  It was the Fairy-Bluebird which I have never drawn before, and I share below the the essence of that message. I was deeply touched as it confirmed for me exactly what our retreat is all about ...

"The overlighting consciousness of the Fairy-Bluebird is here to give you strength and encouragement as you make claim to your individuality and step into your true power – the power of one who has learnt the wisdom of ‘know thyself’. Know who you are and, especially, know who you are not.  This is true wisdom, to be finely tuned enough to know what does and does not honour your soul."

Friday, 5 September 2014

Indulging in an Artist's Date

Julia Cameron in her book "The Artist's Way" encourages us to have a regular (once a week if possible) artist's date with ourselves, where we do something that we love or go somewhere on a date with ourselves, be it browsing through some lovely shops or an art gallery, watching a movie, going for a walk on the beach, going to a coffee shop and having something yummy to eat, taking a half an hour out in the garden with a cup of tea and a magazine, going to the local bookstore ... whatever it is that fills your tank. So last week Thursday, the same day I discovered that enchanting bookstore in the 13th century church, I took an entire day to do just that, in the magical city of Maastricht.  Here are some of the delights I found ...

Maastricht here I come!

Amazing tea variety in a local tea shop

How beautiful

Mint leaves served in glasses to make your own mint tea 

Different flavoured hot chocolate lollies for your hot chocolate drink in a true chocolaterie

Douwe Egberts Coffee Shop

Traditional Limburg's Tarts

Cheese anyone?

Candles in the famous Basilica of Our Lady - my granny's favourite church

But ofcourse!

Love this light 

Love the name!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Sacred Bookstore

The passed week, I spent some wonderful time with my mom and my family in The Netherlands.  I also got to visit my most favorite city in the world, Maastricht.  I think it is a beautiful city with rich history and is the place that my dad grew up.  I've spent many a wonderful time in that city and have such fond memories of it.  It is also a magical place to shop with really trendy shops scattered down cobbled alleyways and historic buildings, so I set aside a whole day last Thursday to indulge. 

During my shopping spree, my cousin and I came across a beautiful old 13th century Dominican church that had been converted into a bookstore. It is the popular Dutch bookstore chain, Selexyz. I absolutely loved it!  What a great idea for a church that is no longer in use.  I really wished that my bookworm daughter and father had been with me to share in the beauty of it.

There was also a coffee shop in the church/bookstore and I love how the coffee table was shaped into a cross.  Very clever!

Messages for my bookworms

The Children's section