Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Life in the hands of a doctor ...

Well the procedure is done and life flows through his veins and through him. Amazing how a life can be held in the hands of a doctor, his knowledge and experience or lack thereof. And of course the Divine working through those very hands.

Thank you

Life in the balance ... 

Today is a very big day in our family.  I'm sitting here quietly next to my dad as he lies here in hospital, awaiting surgery that will either increase the life flow into his brain or take it away completely.  It all feels extremely surreal and at one level totally incomprehensible. To have to make a decision about a procedure that will either improve your life or take it away. And for that decision to be made and the procedure to happen the next day. A huge weight to have to bear; wondering, was last night his last night, is today his last day? Absurd really. And for him to have to sit with that and process that and find some peace in it as he goes into the operating theatre.

It all started out as a 'small' procedure and escalated from there; again life confirming that we never know how our lives can turn out and so to be present in each moment and to find joy and gratitude in each moment. Gratitude for our amazing bodies and the many, many things in life we take for granted, like being able to drink a cup of tea. 

So we sit here, afraid and having faith. Faith in the bigger picture, sometimes not always understanding, but having faith.